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Gallant Stone is a cutting edge decorative concrete company working in the commercial and residential markets. Concrete has fast become the material of choice for internal and external finishing. Our product range includes screeds, plasters, waterproofing, primers, concrete repairs and sealants. It is our goal as a company to constantly innovate and stay ahead with the latest in “green building / concrete finishing” which has rapidly become the first choice for designers, architects and homeowners worldwide. We are proud to offer the following products (please note that data sheets are available):


Power Screed Self Levelling Underlay (6mm – 50mm)

Gallant Power Screed is a self levelling screed designed to be placed at 6mm or more to repair and/or to build up your substrate to any level creating a perfect concrete substrate.


Power Skim (Surface Smoothing Compound)

Gallant Power Skim is a 2mm concrete skim.  The product is applied to concrete surfaces to achieve a perfectly smooth floor surface.  This serves as a perfect prep prior to tiling, carpeting or applying vinyl or laminate flooring.


Velvet Pour Self Levelling Screed

Gallant Velvet Pour self levelling overlay is designed to give an upmarket, seamless concrete floor finish.  Use in conjunction with Gallant Power Seal.


Liquid Stone (Polishable Overlay)

Liquid Stone semi self levelling overlay – hard wearing concrete surface designed to be polished with diamond grinding machinery to a granite like reflective finish.


Plaster Prime

Gallant Plaster Prime can be applied to any plastered surface before paint application.  It allows you to use only one coat of paint and evens the surface.


Brush Plaster (Cementitious Slurry) – Various Colours

Gallant Brush Plaster is a waterproof, cementitious paint, designed to give a practical solution to plastering and painting your home in one application.  Available in various colours.


Deco Stucco (Decorative Plaster)

Gallant Deco Stucco is an upmarket interior / exterior plaster.  Designed to give a decorative finish to feature walls, Gallant Deco Stucco is available in a range of colours.


Power Bond (Primer & Cement Additive)

Gallant Power Prime is an acrylic based primer and bonding agent for plaster bonding, as well as tile and grout additive.


Power Seal (Concrete Sealer)

Gallant Power Seal is an acrylic based sealer.  It enhances the appearance of concrete and wood, as well as forming a protective waterproof and stain resistant barrier.


Tile Bond (General All Purpose Tile Adhesive)

Gallant Tile Bond is a general all purpose medium strength tile adhesive.


Power Fix Wall & Floor (High Strength Tile Adhesive)

Gallant Power Fix Wall & Floor is a high strength wall & floor tile adhesive.


Quick Set Krete (5 Minute Set)

Gallant Quick Set Krete is ideal for anyone who needs concrete to set immediately, for example anchoring poles into the ground instantly.


Dry Krete (Waterproofing For Concrete)

Gallant Dry Krete is a waterproofing barrier which can be applied to any roof, shower basin, dam wall, retaining or exterior wall to waterproof concrete or bricks.


Power Filler (Rapid Wall Repair)

Gallant Power Filler is a high strength, quick set filler for cracks (3 – 7mm), as well as any holes or chips which might need repairing.

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